"When creativity meets reality, it creates emotions. An emotion is priceless"

Arch. Marco Vismara
I’ve always thought that each dream, each vision can become a reality, perceive in a glance, felt in touch, an intuition that permeates life thought and which, in today’s oft en banal world, can only be captured in time by Art.

Arch. Andrea Viganò
I’ve always believed that architecture is a passion that is either gift ed nor learned, that passion has always been part of me and each day I love nurturing it with new experiences and ideas. I am convinced that such passion greatly enhances the rest of life!

Our Studio
Studio D73 by Marco Vismara and Andrea Viganò is specialized in architectural and design projects in a wide international dimension. Studio D73 deals with interior design, different commercial and private projects, from analysis to production, and carries out the project phases thanks to a very effi cient team of professionals based in the headquarter in Italy and the two other offices in Moscow, Tunis, Tbilisi, Switzerland and Dubai. Within the past few years, Studio D73 has grown and reached many countries abroad, mainly in Russia, East Europe and North Africa, with the aim of keeping growing in new countries in the near future. State-of-the-art design project solutions by Studio D73 include Spa, hotel, showroom, and residential buildings.